The Jyske Bank Group’s company mission and business volume

We offer advice about and deliver products that meet our customers’ needs relating to financial assets and liabilities as well as the cash flows and risks arising from these.

The company mission for the individual business units and Group divisions is based on the above definition, yet it may deviate from this definition if this is justified by factors supporting the company mission.

Local presence and a complete range

Having 3,768 full-time employees (Jun 2018) and 98 branches (October 2018) Jyske Bank is the third-largest bank in Denmark.

We offer a complete range of financial solutions to private individuals and small and medium-sized companies.

Our subsidiaries Jyske Finans and Nordisk Factoring operate other forms of financial businesses.

Branches in and outside Denmark

Jyske Bank has a nationwide branch network in Denmark and subsidiaries and branches in Gibraltar and Germany.

It must be a good and different experience to bank with Jyske Bank. Therefore, the bank has since 1997 changed its interior design markedly.

The new business model suggests that advisory services are to a greater extent rendered on the customers’ terms.

External suppliers

In cooperation with PFA-Pension Jyske Bank offers its customers various insurance products.

We also offer customers a wide range of mortgage credit products in cooperation with DLR and Jyske Realkredit A/S (formerly BRFkredit a/s).

Largest IT organisation in the region

Jyske Bank and Nykredit established in 2002 a jointly-owned IT operating and technology company – JN Data A/S. The purpose of the company was to generate economies of scale and deliver services within IT operations and IT technology to the owners and others at a competitive price and quality in the market.

In 2010 Jyske Bank became a member of Bankdata and moved the development of its IT systems to Bankdata.