Sustainability at Jyske Bank

Jyske Bank’s vision is to Make a difference - and that also goes for sustainable development. We want to run a company that conducts itself responsibly and promotes sustainability pursuant to our values in every aspect of our business with due consideration of our clients, employees and shareholders.

All progress counts

This headline reflects Jyske Bank's work in respect of both the responsible activities that already form an integrated part of the operations of the bank and our renewed focus on how to advance sustainability through business activities such as lending and investment.

Sustainable business: All progress counts

Objectives and initiatives for sustainable lending areas

Jyske Bank’s Green Finance Framework comprises loans from the Group that make contributions to a green and sustainable transition in society.

Jyske Bank will finance production of additional 2 TWh renewable power in 2025 corresponding to 6% of the production in Denmark in 2018.

Jyske Bank will develop products that assist and motivate clients to undertake energy renovation of their properties.

In 2025, 40% of new vehicles loans will finance low-emission vehicles.

Jyske Bank Green Finance Framework

New analysis estimates Jyske Bank's indirect CO2e emission

Jyske Bank has estimated the indirect CO2e emission relating to the majority of the Jyske Bank Group’s business volume of about DKK 600 bn distributed on loans and investments.

The estimated CO2e figures for Jyske Bank’s business volume of about DKK 600 bn totals 2.7 million tonnes, of which 59% relate to lending activities and 41% to investments.

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Loans 59 pct., investment 41 pct.